Eastern Oregon

September 3, 2015.

Our friend Berk is a RV full-timer and goes where he fancies. He happened to be in eastern Oregon as we were heading that way so we met him at his “home” park in La Pine, and spent a few days catching up and seeing some sights. Concerned about Labor Day campers filling up camping spots for the holiday, we decided to stay at Cascade Meadows RV resort with Berk until Tuesday 9/7.

We took a day trip to Newberry National Volcanic Monument. (Mike used his Geezer’s Pass for free admission.)

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The highest point in the monument. Our Jeep just followed the sign that said “summit” regardless of our wishes. It was pretty fun for driver Mike and pretty scary for passenger Sandy who sat next to sheer drop-offs of 4,000 feet (give or take).


It started to snow just before we reached the top. Now how would you know 80 degree weather at the base would turn to that?



After the lightning and loud thunder clap we decided it might be a good idea to head down the hill. The snow was still falling after all and Poppy was getting white before her time. At the main road we drove through a few campgrounds and saw campers for the holiday weekend already setting up. But due to extreme fire danger campfires weren’t permitted. We felt sorry for them after visiting this area.


It’s going to be a long COLD Labor Day weekend!


However cold, this deer was busy cleaning up the campground.
Poppy didn’t much like that big dog, but she did like the idea of catching
a few chipmunks that scurried about.