Vicksburg to Van Horn Texas

It was raining when we left Vicksburg, MS on Monday, October 26th. There was some wind but it had died down a bit. Still, we decided to press on because Vicksburg was supposed to get another storm whereas we thought we would be driving out of the current weather as we headed west. We stopped for a two days at Gladewater TX. We spent part of the day replacing the Jeep battery. Our next leg was to drive to Abilene TX.

We made a longer drive from Abilene to Van Horn in 7 hours covering 341 miles. To be honest this drive is excellent for meditation or some deep conversations about the meaning of life because there is not much to see.

Abilene, originally a cattle shipping point, is now home to over 100,000 people, with Dyess AFB the largest employer. We finally got to share Mike’s birthday dinner at a steak house with some Texas beef.