Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway runs 444 miles from Fairview, Tennessee through the northwest corner of Alabama to Natchez, Mississippi. The Trace got it’s name because the Native Americans followed the “traces” of bison and other game. The Indians, the “Kaintucks” and the settlers established the trail that became the Trace. Although they were known as “Kaintucks,” before the age of the steamboat, these boatmen floated merchandise down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers from states throughout the Ohio River valley. Agricultural goods, coal, and livestock were among the many products that were floated to markets in Natchez and New Orleans. Once the goods on the boats were sold, the boats were often dismantled and sold as lumber as the Kaintucks had little use for these flatboats once they reached their delivery destination.From Natchez, the boatmen would begin the long walk home. The route also eliminated a lot of climbing of hills and going through swamps. They traveled the Natchez Trace to Nashville, Tennessee. From there, they used more established roads to take them to their homes further north and east. Research indicates that more than 10,000 Kaintucks traveled the Old Trace in the year 1810.

Sandy become tour guide along the route as we drove, commenting on significant points outlined int the map of the Trace route, and of interest along the way. WAIT!!! STOP!!!! This is the place!!!!! We missed it!! Mike thinks we need to take the RV in for new brakes when we get home. We did capture a few shots to share with everyone.

Here are some.