Yuma, Arizona to Home

We left Benson AZ and headed to the last overnight stop for our trip, Yuma, Arizona, which is on Interstate 8 right across the Colorado River from California. It would only take about 3 hours to get home from there the next day. We decided to celebrate our last night on the road with a nice steak and a good bottle of wine. The evening stop was at Westwind RV and Resort which we chose because it was a half price campground with our Passport America membership. It is a “Snow Bird” park with over 1500 spaces, so there was lots of room, being a bit early for the snow birds to arrive. We were given a space as far from the dog walk area as possible, probably 4 blocks away! Poppy didn’t mind walking that far. They also had a large number of rules to make sure the guests behaved themselves. From what we saw, the people were mostly Canadian, so you know how much trouble they can be.