Week 4 -- 6/6 - 6/12

Weekly pictures:  These pictures are from Fairbanks and our trip to the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway.    


Mike the hunter displays his "catch" the Alaska state bird.  Ain't this mosquito a beauty? At Pioneer Park in Fairbanks Sandy was looking for interesting Alaska gifts.  The buildings are relocated log cabins from early settlements.

Sophie alluded to our endless journey.  We came upon this sign 3/4s of the way through the trip. On the way to the Arctic circle we saw permafrost forests with black spruce (foreground), tundra, mini lakes and mountains.

The Yukon river at mile 56 on the Arctic Circle trip is wide and deep with a swift current.  We can see why the Yukon is a major supply route. We finally made it to the Arctic Circle.  Sophie is not as enthusiastic as Mike and Sandy.

Near the Yukon river we encountered this road gate to stop traffic so planes can land on the short landing strip that parallels the Dalton Hwy. The return trip sights were different as the sun was at a different angle.  This valley floor looks like it's covered with snow, but these are really millions of white flowers.

Next we'll be going to Denali.  We meet Sharon and David Lemos (who are coming in from Anchorage) at Riverside RV park on Sunday the 13th and on Monday we head into the park.  We'll be there until Friday June 19th.
A view of the seemingly endless Dalton Highway.